Filtasock Water Filtration System

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Filtasock Water Filtration

A better way for dealing with large volumes of contaminated water

  • Innovative filtration system offers significant economic & environmental benefits compared with tanker removal of contaminated water from manholes, vaults, sumps, bunds, retention ponds and ditches
  • Multi-stage filtration system removes hydrocarbons and sediments to almost non-detectable levels
  • Extremely efficient, it can be used in a wide range of de-watering applications without slowing up the pumping process
  • Filtasock is easy to deploy, cost effective and supports ISO 14001 certification by reducing reliance on tanker usage
  • Measures 3m x 0.5m and can be used / re-deployed several times until full
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Filtasock removes 99% of sediment at pump rates of 6.85 m3/hr

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About Filtasock

Filtasock features a 4-layer filtration system within a 3m x 0.5m recyclable plastic sock and is designed to capture sediments down to 1 micron particle size, without reducing flow rates. Independent performance testing shows that the filter removes 99% of sediment.

FiltasockIndependent tests were designed to simulate the pumping of sediment and hydrocarbon-laden water from underground chambers through a portable filter system in order to remove most sediments and oils prior to discharging the filtered water.

During the independent test the flow rate was measured to quantify the reduction in rate. The flow rate for the pumped effluent was measured by recording the time it took for the water level to drop in the IBC. The free flow rate for the pump, with no filter attached, was measured at 7.45m3 per hour. The flow rate when the filter was attached was up to 6.85 m3 per hour.

Filtasock comes with full instructions and is very easy to operate. It can be moved around site as needed. It rolls out and can be used several times until the sock is full. It is then rolled up, sealed in a clean, leak-proof package and secured inside a plastic bag. Filtasock is supplied with a hose tail multi-size connector ranging from 1" to 2".

Good for your business, good for the environment


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