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Your journey to better value spill care starts here. Our carefully developed range of absorbents are easy to navigate and our sharp focus on service underpins the better value spill care we aspire to deliver. Keep reading for more information on our 4 distinct absorbent ranges and get ready to soak up some better value spillcare today.


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Choose from 4 distinct ranges of absorbents...

You'll see 4 distinct product icons used across our absorbent pages to help guide you to the solution that best meets your needs. Some might say all absorbents do roughly the same job, and to a point that's true - but with some different performance characteristics and benefits to weigh up, we hope you'll agree our carefully developed and clearly described family of absorbent products, leads you to the right solution for the job in hand and to some great savings too.

Essential Range

Essential Range

Our Essential range is a smaller, yet focussed range of just absorbent Pads & Rolls offering very competitive pricing to help you manage your everyday spills for less. Essential Pads & Rolls are available for Maintenance, Oil and Chemical spills and are perforated for ease of use and to minimise waste. Our Essential range of absorbents have a bonded finish (unlike other budget absorbents) which reduces linting and adds strength. Choose from 9 products for a low-cost, no-nonsense proposition you can rely on.

Premier Range

Premier Range

Our Premier Range of absorbents comprises over 50 products including Absorbent Pads, Rolls, Socks, Pillows and Booms. It's the complete range and it performs too! Manufactured using a heavier weight material and delivering upto 40% more absorbency than our Essential Range. Our Premier Absorbents combine a high-loft construction to boost absorbency and Pads and Rolls are bonded and perforated for excellent wear resistance and economical use. Premier Range Absorbents are also used across our extensive range of Spill Kits.

Premier Plus Range

Premier Plus Range

Our Premier Plus Range is a focussed range of heavy-weight Pads and Rolls with our highest wet-strength and absorbency rates. Where Pads and Rolls are used right up to their full saturation point, our Premier Plus Absorbents continue to demonstrate the same great value as our Premier and Essential products. Bonded with a fine fiber finish, our Premier Plus Pads and Rolls feature super anti-linting properties and improved grip on tiled and painted floors. Choose from 34 products in Pad & Roll formats for General, Chemical and Oil spills. 

EVO Recycled Range

EVO Recycled, Sustainable Range

A sustainable range of general Absorbent Pads, Rolls, Socks and Pillows manufactured in the UK from 85% recycled cotton fiber. Re-using a recycled, natural material provides a low-carbon, environmentally aware choice for the spill absorbent buyer. With typical absorbency at 1.3 litres per 50 x 40cm pad, do the maths and find a solid business case that doesn't cost the earth. You'll also see EVO Recycled Absorbents used in a selection of our Spill Kits too.

Maintenance, Oil-only or Chemical Absorbents - What's in the colour?

  • Grey coloured absorbent products – referred to as Maintenance, General Purpose or Universal absorbents are for all non-aggressive liquids both water and oil based.
  • White coloured absorbent products – referred to as Oil-only absorbents are 'hydrophobic' and repel water. This makes them ideal for absorbing and retaining oil and fuel spillages and are particularly effective outdoors. Hydrophobic absorbents will float on water, even when fully saturated with oil allowing easy pick up and disposal
  • Yellow coloured absorbent products – referred to as Chemical absorbents provide a clear visual warning when aggressive fluids such as acids, caustics or unknown substances need to be cleaned up. Chemical spills can be extremely hazardous and should not be cleaned up without appropriate training and selection of the correct personal protective equipment (PPE).

Pads, Socks, Rolls... choose your format

SpillBuyer Absorbents are available in various formats and pack sizes to help deal with a multitude of spill control scenarios, including absorbent pads, socks, rolls, pillows, booms and ready stocked spill kits in a variety of holdalls or wheeled bins.