Spill Pallets and Drip Trays

Catch and contain drips, spills and leaks with a spill pallet or drip tray. Here at SpillBuyer we offer a selection of simple solutions for a whole range of budgets to prevent drips and spills from reaching floors and drains. 


  1. IBC Spill Pallets


  2. Spill Pallets


  3. Spill Trays


  4. Drum Handling


All our spill pallets are made from a durable polyethylene known for its excellent chemical resistance and longevity, and are suitable for internal and external use. Each pallet is easy to clean and features a forklift recess (where needed) for safe transportation. Our drip trays are made from recycled plastic and can be lined with absorbents to soak up liquids and can be stacked for easy storage.

Order spill pallets and drip trays with us today for fast, competitive delivery across the UK. 

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